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Filtered spud

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I am using the 30-day free trialĀ and trying to embed a spud into a web page which automatically filters the calendar entries according to the data in the custom field. I can do this via a URL, and I can use the Filter control spud to allow visitors to make a filtered selection from the full calendar using the drop-down menu. However, I have web pages where I need to directly provide filtered information without the need for the visitor to make a selection.

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Trumba offers filter views, which you can enable for your published calendar by going to Publish>Publish Settings tab>Edit Publish Settings. From here, under the PUBLISH SETTINGS section, locate Enable filter views and set this to Yes.

Filter views provide a way to pre-filter calendar views, promotion spud content, and event feeds based on a combination of custom field values or owning calendars.

Use a filter view when you want to:

  • Publish subsets of events on different pages of your website.
  • Provide links to pre-filtered views of the events.
  • Display subsets of the events in calendar views and promotion spuds.
  • Provide pre-filtered event feeds

Here's an example of how your calendar spud code might look to have the spud only display events appropriate for Seniors:

<script type="text/javascript">
webName: "communitycalendar",
spudType : "main" ,
url : { filterview : "Seniors" } });

Here is the help topic on working with filter views.

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