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Can I color code events to categorize them?

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One thing that is pretty essential for me is the ability to color-code appointments. I use this to distinguish between (for example) events that are confirmed or tentative. Given that you can't get much text onto the calendar, the ability to see categories of events at a glance is very useful.

Answer: You can use colors in Trumba to distinguish between different categories of events but the way you do that may be slightly different from the way you're used to. Each calendar you create has its own color. For example, your personal calendar might be blue and your Work calendar green. Events on a calendar take on the calendar's color. You can mix events from one calendar into another (for example, you can mix your Work events into your personal calendar). When you do that you'll be able to distinguish at a glance the blue personal events from the green work events. You can color code your calendars in the Trumba editing environment by selecting the blue drop down arrow the right of the calendar and then select a color from the color swatches. When you publish the calendar you can also have the same or different colors. The setting is located by going to Publish Settings>Publish Settings tab>Edit Calendar Colors. Here you can change the calendar color, fade, text color, link color and hover color for each calendar.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_colors.aspx

For more information about mixing events from one calendar into another, see Hide and Show calendars

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