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Working with Time Zones


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We are looking to use the calendar to schedule items in different time zones. Some users are on the east coast and the others are on the west coast. Is there a way for an east coast user to see a calendar so the times show up as Eastern, even though the calendar's settings are set for it being Pacific?

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As you've probably already done, you can create two separate calendars, one with a time zone set for Eastern Time and the other for Pacific Time.

If people on the East coast and West coast have separate accounts, you'll want to share the calendars with one another so everyone can see both calendars.

When an East coast person wants to see the West coast calendar and see the West coast events in Eastern time, that person can just mix the West coast calendar into the East coast calendar. Mixed in events take on the time zone of the calendar they are mixed in to.

The West coast person could do the same thing with the East coast calendar. We also provide a Time Zone selector, so when you view a calendar, you can first select the time zone you are located in and the calendar will refresh and display all events in that time zone.

Trumba also offer an Event Based Time Zone setting. This setting is not enabled on all accounts, so if you think you will have events that span more than one time zone, please contact Trumba Support at support@corp.trumba.com and they can enable this setting for you. This makes it easier for you to quickly add events from all time zones into one calendar and you then select the time zone of the event when you are adding the event.






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