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Changed and New indicators - how long stay?

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I know that the new and changed indicators are supposed to stay on the published calendars for three days. I wish they could stay longer, particularly since my weekly emails remind people to check the calendar and if we update them more than three days previous to the email, the indicators are gone. But that's not really my question. I noticed today that the appointments in the body of the weekly email still retained the new and changed indicators, although they were gone from the published calendars. I really like this. 2 questions: How long will these indicators be in the emails, and is there any way to get the published calendars to keep the indicators longer?

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Unfortunately, there is no way at the moment to set the amount of time that NEW and CHANGED markers appear on published calendars. You can set whether or not you want the markers to display, but there is no way to control the time span for how long they remain visible.


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The markers work a little differently in emailed calendars than they do in published ones. In published calendars, there is a set day limit from when the event is created or changed - 3 days as you've discovered. With emailed calendars, the NEW and CHANGED markers aren't tied to a specific number of days but rather to when the next email is sent. So, if you change or create an event on Monday but the email isn't sent until Friday, the markers will still appear in the email.

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