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Repeating Events on 5th week

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When I create an event that repeats on the 5th Tuesday of every month, it also shows up on the 4th Tuesday (only if there isn't a 5th Tuesday).

There are options for Last Tuesday, 5th Tuesday, and 4th Tuesday of the month. To me, it is a bug to have a repeating event for the 5th Tuesday show up on the 4th Tuesday. If I wanted that functionality, I would select the "Last Tuesday" option.

Right now, I have to go to each month where there are not five Tuesdays and manually delete the erroneous event that shows up on the 4th Tuesday.

I say "Tuesday", but it doesn't matter the Day of the week.

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According to Trumba developers, this is expected Trumba behavior as it scans the calendar and if it cannot find the 5th week of that month for the event, it will place it on the 4th week instead of just skipping that month and not including the event. There are no current plans to change this so it is best in a case like this to manually add the events to the 5th Tuesday (or other days) of the months that have the 5 weeks or after you have set this up, please scan your calendar and then just remove that event that landed on the 4th Tuesday of that month.

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