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Custom Field not appearring on event listing


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We started a new calendar for our organization. So far it is very good, but I cant figure this one thing out. When I do a listing that includes a custom field called Presenters Name, that information does not show up when I publish the calendar. This is a very important field for us, what am I missing?

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Four things control what shows up in published calendar events: 1) The calendar view you use., as some calendars support displaying custom fields. 2) Where the information appears in the Event Information form when you create the event. 3) Is the custom field set to be hidden or published. 4)Is there data in the custom field?

If you publish the calendar using the Month, 5 Week, Multi-day, Classic Day, or Conference Schedule template, very little information besides the event description shows up on the published calendar.

If you use the Classic Table or List calendar templates on the other hand, you can control what information appears. So the first thing to do is make sure you choose one of these templates when you publish and then select that field to be included in that calendar view.

When you click on an event title in any calendar view, you will view the event details and all custom fields will appear on the event detail page as long as the custom field is not set to be hidden and the field includes data.

If you are using the Classic Table or List view, under Field list, you can choose which fields to display information from. If the presenter's name is in the Description field, and the Description field isn't listed in the Field list, add it. If the presenter's name is in a custom field, you can add that custom field to the list.

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