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Event Registration Functionality

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Our organization is searching for a new calendar and is strongly leaning toward Trumba, as we are very impressed with its features. We do have a couple of questions about its functionality.

We offer numerous classes and would love to allow people to be able to sign up for the event through Trumba. I am excited to see that you have a Sign Up option and realize I can do an open invitation to allow this. Two questions:


1. Can the list of respondees be emailed to someone other than the person who has the calendar account? I would be solely responsible for adding and editing events on the calendar, but department heads/class teachers would need to be able to check the signup list--either by having new sign ups emailed to them or by being able to view the list/page of respondees somehow. It would be perfect for me to be able to enter someone else's email address when I setup the event invite for that particular event so that the names/# of people accepting could go straight to the person teaching the class.

2. When people sign up for an event/respond to an invitation, my understanding is that Trumba currently allows for email address & number attending only; are there plans to add a "name" box to the sign up page? I realize email address is sufficient when someone is truly responding to an invitation since presumably you known whom you are inviting, but when it's open invitation, having a name and not just an email address would be wonderful.


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When people register for open events, they are asked to provide both a name and email address. In Trumba, you can also create your own custom registration questions and registration forms to ask additional questions and capture additional registration information about your attendees.

You can add one or more email addresses to our list of Organizers (respondees) and when a person registers or declines from an event, that organizer can be notified by an email. Organizers do not have to have a Trumba account.

Here are few help topics on Event Registration in Trumba:

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