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Exclamation point in front of an event title


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You see symbols, also known as update markers, on calendar events when the events have been updated. For example, you see an asterisk for a new event; an exclamation point next to an event on your published calendar after you change the event description; and you will see a little clock next to an event on your published calendar when you change the event time.


You can let visitors know when you update your calendar by enabling update markers.

updates_marker_asterisk.gif An asterisk indicates a new event.


updates_marker_excl.gif An exclamation point and dashed underline indicate change in the event field that is underlined. This can be a change in the description or date (without a change in the event time). An exclamation point with nothing underlined generally means that the event description has been changed.


updates_marker_clock.gif A clock symbol and dashed underline of date and time indicates change in event time (with or without a change in the date)


Here is a link to the help topic with more details on how to disable these markers: https://www.trumba.com/help/events/newupdated.aspx

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