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  1. What you encountered was a 10-minute caching window for Spud requests. All Spuds are cached for 10-minutes so new events won't show up until you either clear your cache or wait for the client cache to invalidate the request. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/trumbafaq.aspx#tfaq_tenminutes
  2. Yes, of course it's chopped, very typical of IFRAME height. You can paste the following code into your events.htm file to get it to auto-size to the calendar. <script type="text\javascript"> function resizeIFrame() { var name = window.name; var iframe = window.parent.getElementById(name); if (iframe == null) iframe = window.parent.frames[name]; if (iframe != null) { // adjust the iframe's height based on its contents if (iframe.contentDocument && iframe.contentDocument.body.offsetHeight) iframe.height = Math.min(iframe.contentDocument.body.offsetHeight, 10000);
  3. All Trumba spud (widget) code is JavaScript, so unfortunately there is no way to embed Trumba spuds without using JavaScript. However you could fake the embed by instead embedding the Trumba Hosted version of any published calendar. For example, you could embed this using an IFRAME or a FRAMESET. Here's an IFRAME that does just that: <html> <body> <iframe src="[url="https://www.trumba.com/calendars/webname"]https://www.trumba.com/calendars/webname" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100%"></iframe> </body> </html> When using the Trumba Hosted
  4. Kevin, This is a very interesting situation that I haven't encountered yet. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. What's happening here is that you've nested a Spud inside an IFRAME that you are re-using for navigation. I'm talking about MainiFrame. Normally this Spud would have not interfered with the operation of your IFRAME and your site would work as you would expect. However you added an Upcoming Spud to your home page which is causing the main calendar Spud inside events.html to take over your MainiFrame. This is actually intentional and is used to support our older but now
  5. You need to wrap the Trumba spud javascript code in a DIV or TABLE to enforce size. Here is an HTML page outlining both of these methods. The first is a fixed sized DIV of 600px wide and 400px tall. It smashes the calendar into a very small space. The second is a variable sized table whose width is 80% of the page. It flows very nicely. <html><body> <p>Calendar Spud inside a fixed width DIV.</p> <div style="width:600px;overflow:auto;height:400px;"> <script type="text/javascript" src="//www.trumba.com/k.aspx?calendar=trumba-u&template=month"></sc
  6. The Trumba RSS link for any calendar will always direct you to and return the XML that constitutes the RSS feed of a calendar. The XML is meant to be consumed by an RSS reader(aka Blog Reader), but some older browsers will display it raw if they don't know what to do with it. Many modern web browsers today will, instead of showing you just the raw XML, show you the data in a blog style format. FireFox and Mozilla will show you raw XML if click the RSS link. However, if you click the RSS icon in the lower right corner of the browser and select "Subscribe to 'X' Events Calendar'", it will creat
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