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Deleting Calendars


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If you no longer need a calendar (or sub-calendar) and its events, you might want to delete the calendar just to get it out of the way. However, because a lot of data can be associated with calendars, it's best to think carefully before you proceed.

In Trumba, calendar ownership is key, meaning calendars own not only events, but they can own custom fields, registration forms and images. When you delete calendars, you may also delete images and registration forms, so instead of deleting a calendar you may instead just want to HIDE the calendar.

If you know for sure you want to delete the calendar,  first, make sure that it's not the active calendar. In other words, display a different calendar. Then in the Your Calendars list, click the small blue drop down arrow next to the name of the calendar you want to delete, and from the menu, choose Delete Calendar. (You can also hide calendars this way as long as the calendar is not published or mixed in to other calendars)

Note: If the calendar you are attempting to delete is your primary calendar or Internal Event Actions calendar; a calendar shared with you; you can only hide it. For more info, take a look at Delete Calendars.

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