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  1. Hi Mr. Davis, Thanks very much for your comments on this. I agree that it would be a nice feature, and we have had other comments about it, too. I'll add yours to our existing feature request. I'm sorry I don't have any new info to share on this at the moment. Jill / Trumba UA
  2. We get lots of comments and feedback from Web developers integrating Trumba calendars into client sites, and we'd love to hear from more of you. We hope you'll be willing to exchange tips & tricks with us as well as some issues you're encountering trying to use Trumba. So we've created this forum with the intention of building up a valuable resource for everyone. Generally: • If you have questions/tips about embedding calendars, controlling Trumba calendar displays through URLs, using the Event Actions API, and other techie stuff, please post here. • If you have a question about how
  3. This is a list of common issues and things to try if you get errors or unexpected results when you import a calendar file from another program. Common issues ==.csv format does not support recurring events If you export a calendar from any program to a .csv file, recurring events appear in the file as separate events. The only format in which you can import recurring events is .ics. ==When you click Import, nothing happens Your first instinct is to click again, and then you end up with the file imported twice into the same calendar. If you imported into a new calendar, you
  4. How do I edit a recurring event? You can update the duration, start time, location, or notes for a recurring event. You can also delete all events in a recurring series. To have changes affect all future events, at the bottom of the Edit Event form, for Change, select the button to update all events in the repeating pattern. How to create common recurring event types Here are a couple types of recurring events that seem to not be straightforward to create. • Event that occurs on certain days of every week To set up this type of recurring event, for example, a class or a mee
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