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Is there any way to prevent some one else from re-publishing my calendar?

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Is there any way to ensure that some one else can't come along, read my publicly published calendar, look at the source code an dsee how the iFrames are set up and then simply go away and set up their own web page that points to my calendar?

As my calendar gains users and events it will be tempting for other people to re-publish my hard work. How can I prevent this?

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You're right that, just as someone could "borrow" any kind of content from any public web site, it is possible for someone to embed your calendar spuds in their own web pages if they know what Trumba is and what to do with the code. In many cases, people find this to be a great feature, because they can advertise their events on others' sites. The spuds still lead to your calendar, where you can clarify who's responsible for publishing the events. You might want to take a look at our Terms of Use. The info there might help answer your question.

To add a bit more, even if someone does embed your spuds, they can't actually edit your calendar. They can subscribe to it, but they couldn't do anything useful but view the events. Even if they tried to update the calendar, as soon as the calendar refreshed, their changes would be gone. Similarly, if they download and import a .ics file of your calendar, they break the connection to your calendar, and even if they republish, your updates don't propagate to their version of it.

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