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Working with Time Zones


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Our calendar is based in one time zone but when regional events are added there is no way to specify a different time zone for certain events.

For example, the majority of events are in Central time , with the occasional events happening in Eastern time. What is the best way to set this up?

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If you think you may need to work with events in multiple time zones, please contact Trumba Support and we can enable a time zone setting on your account that will allow you to edit the calendar settings and enable event based time zones allowing you to easily add an event in another time zone without having to have multiple calendars each based on a time zone.

Once you start to have events in multiple times zone on a calendar, the published calendar will display all events in the default time zone of the calendar. What you will also want to do is set up the Time Zone Picker Control spud and embed this on the same page as the Main calendar, this way the site visitor can first select their time zone and the calendar will then refresh and display the events in that time zone.

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