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Break repeating events into individual events?

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Is there anyway to break a repeating event into its instantiated events as independent events?

I have an event that is repeated but there are significant differences between each repeat such as the presenter or the topic. The problem is that if someone forgets or accidentally clicks on the "For all future events" button, a lot of information gets wiped out.

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Once an event is set up in a repeating pattern, there is not a way to break them apart into single/independent events. You could create a new calendar and move that repeating event to that new calendar. You can then export that calendar to Excel as that will break the events and make them independent events. You can then delete that repeating event from the new calendar and then import the file either into this new calendar (and then move the events to your live calendar once you have reviewed the events) or into your live calendar. You would then want to delete that repeating event so the calendar does not show both the new events and the repeating version of the events.

What you may want to do instead is keep this event in the repeating pattern and now just edit each event separately and prior to saving the event, just make sure you click on the radio button for Only this event and then click OK. This way the changes you make only apply to this one event in the entire repeating pattern.


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