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Embed Trumba spuds into WordPress


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If you try to enter spud code into a post on a WordPress blog that is hosted on WordPress.com, the javascript tags are removed by the WordPress editor, and the arguments that display the spud are converted to text, so what you see in your blog is the spud code text.


Blogs hosted on WordPress.com do not support javascript for security reasons, which you can read about on the wordpress.com site and in their support forums.

If you have downloaded the WordPress software from WordPress.org (a different site from wordpress.com) and set it up on your own host, you might be able to use the older version of the spud code to embed spuds, following these steps:

  1. In your WordPress blog, click My Profile, and then uncheck the Use the visual rich editor when writing check box.
  2. Open the post in which you want your spud, and enter a previous version of the Trumba spud code (given below this procedure) into the Write Post page.

Main calendar spud

<script type="text/javascript" src="//www.trumba.com/k.aspx?calendar='>http://www.trumba.com/k.aspx?calendar=yourcalendarname"></script>

Mix-in (calendar list) spud

<script type="text/javascript" src="//www.trumba.com/k.aspx?calendar=yourcalendarname&widget=mix"></script>

For other spuds, for widget=, you simply use the appropriate spud type. You can get the appropriate spud type from the code that Trumba generates for the spud in your Publishing Control Panel. 

If you have downloaded the software, you might also be interested in reading the WordPress documentation about using JavaScript with their software.

You also want to ensure you are using the correct "element" in Wordpress. For example, the WP Custom HTML element will not work:


Instead, use HTML




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