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Define Export Date Range

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I'd like to export a date range.

I've been a customer for some time and when I export I get the entire calendar which is way more than I need. I will be needing to export more frequently but don't want to get the full range of dates for the past few years every time.

Is this doable, or a future feature?

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To create the URL, you use the address of the .ics feed (as well as CSV, XML, RSS, and JSON) of your hosted calendar, which is https://www.trumba.com/calendars/yourcalendarname.ics, and append a query string that includes parameters that define what you want. Even if you're not sure what I mean by "query string," when you see the example URL, you'll recognize it as something you see in URLs all the time. You can locate the feed URL by going to Publish>Feeds tab and here you will see the feed types supported and a matching URL.

For example, to export the month of April 2020, I entered this URL in the browser's address bar:

Trumba will ask you if you want to open the file or download the info as an .ics file. Downloading it is the same as exporting from your Trumba account. If you use Chrome, it downloads the file and also opens iCal and imports the calendar.

Everything from the question mark to the end is the query string. You could also use parameters to specify the number of months or weeks instead of the end date. The list of supported parameters you can use are in Customize calendar RSS feeds (the parameters work for all feeds, not just RSS).

CUSTOMIZE CALENDAR FEEDShttps://www.trumba.com/help/api/customfeeds.aspx


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