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Send Automatic Reminders to Event Registrants

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I would like to be able to send an email to everyone who has registered for a particular event (for example, a reminder email 2 days before the event). I can see how to schedule calendar emails and send a list of events within a particular time period, but not one specific event. Within the event information, I can't see how to send anything but an invitation.

Ideally, I would like to be able to send an email to the registrants without having to add them all to our address book - we have so many events that even with sub-groups, the address book will quickly become unwieldy.

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Trumba Professional accounts do not have the option to send out automatic reminders to registrants, however if you have a Trumba Connect account, we do allow you to automatically set registration reminders for people who have registered for an event. How this works is that when you are in Trumba and you have set up event registration on the Event Registration Tab, you can click on the Event Email tab (only available on Trumba Connect accounts) and here you can see the Registered Attendees radio button. When this is checked, you will see you can automatically set up a 1st and 2nd reminder to only people that have registered for an event. The email reminders will be sent to the email address they used when registering for the event.

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