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Embedding Calendar, Control and Promotion Spuds


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I would like to be able to embed my calendar on multiple websites.The FAQ "Can I publish the same spud on multiple web pages with different settings or styles?" seems to permit this, but I'm also interested in controls so that I can discontinue publishing on other sites at my option (without the website owner still having access to my spud).

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You can embed your calendar on multiple websites, either by giving those websites the same spud code (for the same settings and styles) or by creating multiple copies of the same spud (with the exception of the main calendar spud), configuring each copy differently, and then giving other websites the appropriate spud code.

It's very easy to create multiple copies of the same spud, you just keep picking that spud in the Add a Promotion Spud setup process or select the Clone Spud link after you set up at least one Control Spud or one Promotion Spud. Here is a link to the help topic that describes this functionality: Clone Spuds

If you want to be able to stop those websites from showing your calendar spud at a later date, once the spud code is out there on a page, there's no way to automatically turn it off from within Trumba.

Other than asking the website admin to remove the spud code (the best approach), the only way to stop it from showing your calendar information would be to change your spud in some way that would result in the other website's code breaking. For example, you might unpublish the calendar referred to in the spud code and then republish it with a different web name. I wouldn't really recommend doing this though because it would also break other things like calendar feeds and subscriptions to your calendar.

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