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Trumba Connect Pricing


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Our standard pricing for one Publisher account is $99.95 per month and Editor accounts are an additional $30 per month for each Editor. Editors can add, edit and delete events but not publish calendars from their accounts. You can have all calendars be published from one Publisher account and share out one or more calendars with the Editor accounts.

Here is a link to our current Pricing page and a chart that compares the features available to both Publishers and Editors, that may help answer any additional pricing

Our pricing page describes what you get when paying the monthly fee of $99.95 for Trumba Connect, which is the following:

  • Hosted calendar software and event content management system.
  • Frequent automatic updates and product enhancements.
  • One Trumba Connect single user license.
  • Technical support by phone, email, and the product support forum.
  • Creation of unlimited number of calendars, templates and fields.
  • Two complimentary clients service hours ($200/hour value)

We also offer add-on features to your monthly subscription at an additional cost:

  • Event Submission Form functionality
  • Custom Objects
  • Trumba Client Services
  • Service Level Agreements

If you have any additional information on pricing, please contact Trumba Sales at 1-800-925-0388.

Trumba Connect is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems using the most current versions of Edge, Fire Fox, Google Chrome and Safari web browsers.

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