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Calendar Hosting by Trumba


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I'm VERY new to this whole website production. But i'm trying to do as much work by myself as possible.

Trumba perfectly defines what i am looking for to place on my website. I need those calendars views and the variety of 'spuds' you offer.

i just got an account with bluehost.com. Will I be able to use your calendars on my website if I stick with bluehost? Do you host my entire site or just the calendars?

is it possible to keep my bluehost account to post my entire webpage, but load the Trumba calendars on there? Please explain what you mean when you say Trumba is hosting the calendars. Thanks so much!

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We recommend keeping your account with bluehost.com, this way when you create your website and webpages you can embed the Trumba spud (javascript) code within your own HTML pages. Within Trumba you can customize the styles and settings for each of the spuds so it becomes "branded" with the look and feel of your site. With your Trumba subscription, we do host your data. So all of your event information is stored on our servers and the spud code embedded on your site makes calls to our servers to display the spuds and events. We also do provide a complimentary Hosted calendar page for every published calendar. While limited in the spuds it can display and the layout options, it is useful for customers who do not have the ability to embed the spud code within their own webpages and instead just link to the hosted view provided by Trumba.

Here is a link to a help file that goes in to a little more detail on publishing a calendar from Trumba.

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