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Trumba Branding and Attribution Removal

Guest mrmotivation

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We have just signed up for a trial version of the software. We really enjoy the software, but we do not like having the Trumba logo and all the contact information on the Trumba Hosted page. Is there some way that we can get rid of this so that it looks like our own?

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If you're publishing, have you tried embedding the various Trumba spud code into your site yet? You can find out how to do this in the Embed spuds help topic. When you embed the Trumba spud code on your site, you will see less of the Trumba branding. You will always see Powered by Trumba in the lower right corner of the main calendar spud. The Trumba Hosted page is typically only used when you are first publishing a calendar to give you a basic idea of how a simple calendar page can look. Since you probably have not had a chance to embed the spud code on your own website, Trumba provides this page as a way to quickly see a basic published calendar and typically the Hosted Page is not something you would expose to your site visitors.

If you have embedded the spuds on your page and you are interested in having the Trumba branding/attribution removed, please contact Trumba Sales at sales@corp.trumba.com.

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