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Allow a Calendar Search without a Search Control Spud?


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I'm implementing a search page where results from several different sources are mashed together. Ideally I'd like to have a calendar spud on the page that is automatically searched on a page load, without having a separate search field for the calendar spud. That will allow me to use a generic search form/field that searches multiple sources, Trumba being one.

I can probably find a way with some JavaScript to include the search spud, hide the spud controls, fill in the spud text field, and call doSearch(). However, before going down that path, I wanted to throw a note out here to see if there is an easier (or more supported) way of achieving what I'm after.

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What you can do is place the main calendar spud in a new section of your search results page. You can dynamically pass the search keywords into the “addSpud” javascript call so that the spud will display events matching the keywords. You can search your site using Google search then pass in the same search string to the “url: { search: <searchStr> }” parameter to the TrumbaAddSpud javascript call.


Search parameter help topic.

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