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Featured Events - How to make them billable

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New Old programmer here... that needs some advice from the "young bucks" whom know how this new technology works 😉

(He says casually as he pushes away his Fortran & PL/1 manuals.....)

I am creating my first implementation of Trumba calendars and all is going very well. The site I am doing is in Joomla with calendars featured at the local, state, and country level. Anyone whom visits the site and joins for $15.00 / yr can create a calendar entry. I've successfully added a "featured event" list and they can pick to spotlight it at the Local level (extra $20) A locals in a state ($30) or site wide for $40.

What I'm getting stuck on is how I can add a button to the event submission that would require them to pay for it using Paypal. Any help from the experts would be greatly appreciated.

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We currently do not have a way to collect payment for a featured event listing. I have worked with a few clients who are doing something very similar and what they do is require the submitter to become a member before they can post events. Create some type of authentication page they have to first pass through in order to get to the Event Submission Form page.

Another idea for you would be create a required custom field (that is unpublished) but is visible on the event submission form. You can provide details on the Event Submission Form or on the page that controls the spud with instructions on how to pay for the listing that directs that person to PayPal for example. Once they pay for the listing on PayPal, if they get a confirmation code, your custom field could be where they enter in that confirmation code. When they submit the event, you as the approver can verify that code to ensure that they have paid for the listing and if so, you can approve the event. If it is not a valid code you can reject the submission.

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