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Deleting a recurring event


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When you get yourself in to a situation like this, what has happened is that the events now become “orphans” as the owning calendar has been deleted, however the events were also tagged to “Also Show On” one or more calendars. When this happens, the events do not get deleted when the owning calendar is deleted as the events are still connected to one or more calendars.

To correct this you can either open up each event one at a time (like you were doing) and remove the Also Shows On check marks, or follow these steps:

1. Open up one of these events within Trumba and you will see the Owning Calendar states it is owned by “Deleted Calendar”.
2. Directly below this area you will see the Also Shows On section and there will be one or more calendars checked in this list that you want to identify. Cancel out of the event so you are back to your Trumba editing environment.
3. Select one of the calendars that you identified in Step 2 so it appears with a black check mark, and uncheck all other calendars so no green check marks appear.
4. In the search field, type in either the event title or keywords from the event you want to remove and click Go. You should now see all of the events matching your search which are the events you want to remove from your calendar.
5. Change your editing view to “List” view and within this view, click Select All and all of the events on this page (up to 100 per page) will be automatically checked with a check mark.
6. In the drop down menu above the selections, select the option "Remove events from “<calendarname>” and then click Go.

If you have several of these events in the past or in to the future, you will want to click the small arrows above the selection area to move forward/back and then repeat steps 5 and 6 until all of these events are removed.

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