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Inline <img> tag support in emails?

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Just tested the <img> tag (Inline image) in the Description field, and was really excited. The help page says it works in emails, however when I tested, the image did not appear, only saw the <img> code. Can some one verify for me please?

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Trumba allows the event image to be included in your Calendar Emails (digest emails) on Trumba Connect accounts. Detail Images and Inline Images are supported in the List calendar view email template.

To enable event images to appear with your daily/weekly emails, select the published calendar in Trumba that the email is coming from and then click Publish>Email tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for the Calendar Email template. If you do not already have your Calendar Email template created, select Add a Calendar Email that appears to the far right. On the Settings tab at the bottom are the settings where you can enable the event image and position it either on the left or right. You can also set the width and height that the images should be scaled.



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