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Selecting an event within a Promotion Spud directs me to trumba.com instead of my own site

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By default, event links in promotion spuds point to the version of your calendar hosted on trumba.com. You can easily change where event links point by putting the URL for your own calendar page into the Calendar Address field in Publish Settings.

Updating the Calendar Address field affects more than just spuds. It also means that visitors who click event links in your calendar emails and RSS feeds will jump to the calendar on your website.

To update a calendar's address

  1. Copy the URL for the page on your website where the main calendar spud is embedded.
    Tip Be sure to include the http:// or https:// portion of the URL.
  2. In your Trumba account, confirm that the published calendar you want to update is selected with a black check mark and click Publish.
  3. In the Publishing Control Panel, on the Publish Settings tab in the Publish Settings section, click Edit Publish Settings.
  4. For Calendar Address, paste the URL that you copied in step 1 and Click OK.
    Tip The calendar address URL must include http:// or https:// or it won't work.
  5. To see and test how promotion spuds respond to your calendar address updates, return to the Publishing Control Panel. Click the Promotion Spuds tab.
    The spud script now contains the teaserBase argument. As shown below, the value for that argument is the URL you pasted into the Calendar Address field.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $Trumba.addSpud (
    { webName: "yourcalwebname",
    spudType: "upcoming",
    teaserBase: "URL for your calendar page" });
    To test where each promotion spud's event and other links take you, click Preview.
  6. Copy the updated promotion spud script that is displayed and replace the original script on your live website.
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