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Definitions of Events in Analytics


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It isn't very clear in the documentation what triggers a view in the Publisher Dashboard stats. For example, our main calendar shows "RSS Feed Served: 172,192" in the past 32 days. That's a huge number but we're not sure what exactly it means. Also, what triggers a "Promotion View?" Does it occur anytime someone loads a page with a promotion spud or is it triggered when they click on the spud in some way?

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When you see RSS Feed Served within the Publisher Dashboard, this is based on the number of people/visitors that have subscribed to your RSS feed for a published calendar and the number of times the feeds have been sent to those subscribers. This does not mean these are unique visitors or subscribers. Within their RSS Readers, they can decide the frequency in which the feeds get refreshed/served to them. Sounds like some of them have set their frequency quite high causing your stats to be higher than expected.

You may have a RSS feed for example that powers your mobile app. If the app is pulling the RSS Feed from your account once every 15-minutes looking for updates. This would come to 3,072 RSS feeds served over a 32 day period.

These RSS Feeds also count as a Page View (which is what I think you mean as a “Promotion View” (?)), so each time data is pulled from the Trumba servers this does count towards your page views. So think of 3,072 as page views. Page Views occur anytime a site visitor loads a web page that has a main calendar spud; a promotion spud; event detail views (clicking on an event to see the details); pop-ups on any calendar or promotion spud; RSS feeds, XML feeds and iCal feeds.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/dashboard.aspx

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