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Ten Minute spud caching in browsers

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Trumba spuds are cached for 10 minutes. That is, a version of the webpage containing the spuds gets stored on your local computer so the browser can open it more quickly than it could by returning to the original webpage.


If you make and save changes to events and/or spuds and you see those changes when you preview in Trumba Connect, the changes will appear on your live site. You don't have to re-embed the spud code.

If you're not seeing the changes on your live site, try this:

  • Wait ten or so minutes (sometimes a little longer if you're testing spuds on a staging site) and refresh the webpage.

    Be patient. There is a short delay between when you save changes in Trumba Connect and when they go live.

    To manually refresh the page, you can:

    • Click the previous and next page navigation buttons.


    • Change views using the View Chooser. tenminutes_chooser2.png

      Vertical Chooser


      Tabbed Chooser

    • Click a different date or month using the Date Finder.


    • Switch to a different month using the Month List.


If refreshing doesn't work, clear your browser history (sometimes called the cache) or try viewing the changes using a different browser. By clearing the cache, you get rid of the outdated versions of the pages that contain your spuds.

Not sure how to clear a browser's cache? Each browser handles this a little differently. Check Help for the browser you're using and then perform a web search for how to clear the browser cache for your browser version.

Force Refresh
You can also try to to “force reload” your browser. Depending on your operating system all you need to do is the following key combination:
  • Windows: Ctrl + F5
  • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
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