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How to change the email address for my account login


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I set up a free trial account to evaluate the software in my name and email address. I added a few email addresses to try out the notification feature .

I bought the software and I changed the account name and email address to the person who will actually be administering the account. Upon realizing that I entered the administrator's email address with a typo, I tried to change it and I receive an error: New email address already in use

No matter what, I can't change the address. I deleted this person's correct email address from the shared addresses section and the problem persists.

Any ideas?

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As you noted, in most cases you can simply change the email address. There is a special case where it takes manual intervention. When this happens, we just need confirmation from both email addresses that this is a change they want to have happen. Trumba Client Services can then make the change as long as there isn't an active Trumba account associated with the "change to" email address.

In this case, because it is a typo, simply send us an email to support@corp.trumba.com with the request. If we don't have an active account already with that address, we can take care of the change right away. And if we do, we will get back to you.

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