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Embedding Trumba spuds into Modern Sharepoint

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Classic Sharepoint supports the embedding of Javascript code, using content editor web parts, and embedding the HTML code you provide.

You can also embed into Modern Sharepoint. Here is a help topic with instructions: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_mod_sharepoint.aspx

To make the Trumba SharePoint web part available on your modern SharePoint site, you need to install the custom web part.

The best way to embed Trumba in modern SharePoint is to have a tenant admin install the Trumba Web Part using the instructions here https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_mod_sharepoint_admin.aspx

Alternatively you can embed the Trumba Hosted view (or a page you create yourself on another website) using iframe code similar to below. However this method is not optimal. The iframe size will not adjust automatically so you may have to scroll to see all events, the view will not be mobile responsive, and direct links to specific event details will not function.

<iframe width="1204" height="2258" src="https://www.trumba.com/calendars/trumba-u"></iframe>


Each spud must be embedded in it’s own web part. SharePoint adds extra space between web parts and we have not found a way to remove extra space in any SharePoint documentation on changing the page margins between web parts. One thing you can try is adding the web parts in a 2 column layout with control spuds (like search or filter) in a left column and the tab chooser and main spud in a right column. One of the advantages of placing each spud in it’s own web part is that the spuds will rearrange into one column automatically on mobile.

Below is an example 2 column layout example:



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