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Trumba Integration with Sharepoint Online

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  1. What method of encryption is used to secure the connection between the two services?
  2. Does Trumba or Microsoft keep audit logs of the activity between the two services? 
  3. Is Trumba app been approved by Microsoft?  I cannot find the Trumba app at Microsoft app store. 


Trumba’s new SharePoint integration (described here https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_mod_sharepoint.aspx) provides a modern SharePoint web part that is just a thin wrapper around the Trumba spud widgets. This was required to allow the SharePoint site to reference our spuds.js API.  There really is no interaction between Trumba and SharePoint beyond them hosting the web part. The users browser requests the spud directly from trumba.com without any data communication between Microsoft and SharePoint. 

There is no data transmitted between the two services so there is nothing to encrypt. The reason no data is passed between the two systems is because the modern SharePoint web parts are implemented in client side JavaScript code, so the interaction when the web part is displayed is only between the end user’s browser and Trumba directly.  SharePoint just hosts the JavaScript code that is provided to the end user’s browser.

There are no audit logs kept specific to SharePoint.  Since there is really no interaction, there is nothing to log.

We have not yet submitted the web part to Microsoft for inclusion in the app store.

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