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User-Defined Custom Fields


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Would it be possible to have 2-3 user-defined fields for calendar entries? That would help get around the problem of having to classify events by using subcalendars and would probably take a lot of overhead off the system. Fields could be used to classify the type of event or take additional information specific to that category of event.

Sample usage case: Cycling web site

- Calendar entries can be Weekly Rides, Club Meetings, Event Rides, Social Events, etc.

User would go into the Settings view and set up a user-defined field called "Category", set it as a drop-down selection box, populate the values for the drop-down, select the colors for the individual selections and save the setting.

User would create a a calendar event in the edit screen - the pop-up titled "Events" would not be a part of that screen

User would select the appropriate value, fill in the rest of the info and save.

End-users would be able to filter calendar events based on that value.

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By breaking events out in calendars, you have the flexibility to publish the calendar separately or mixed in. For example, if you have events for the public and board meetings, and you have a calendar that you email to your board, you can choose to mix in certain public event calendars as part of the mailing. You can also share out (with other Trumba users) certain calendars if you know that someone else besides you is going to be maintaining a particular calendar (say, Club Meetings).

Setting up a custom field as you mentioned is also a great alternative to avoid having to create calendars, when they may not be needed in your type of scenario.

Here is a help topic with more information on setting up custom fields: https://www.trumba.com/help/filter/fieldshow.aspx

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