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Subscription Email: How to not send a scheduled email with no upcoming events

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Any published calendar will send an email to anyone on the Distribution list, whether there are upcoming events scheduled or not. There is a setting to allow you, the Publisher, to decide whether you want empty emails to continue to be sent when there are no upcoming events, or if you would like the system to detect this and if there are no events, an email is NOT sent to the Distribution List. 
Note: If making this change, be aware that it may confuse folks who are used to getting the email and if they do not start getting the email, due to no events, it may trigger confusion, so please keep that in mind and communicate with those on the distribution list that if they do not get an email, it is due to no upcoming events.
To change the setting on any of your published calendars where you are offering a Subscription Email, select the calendar in Trumba and select Email Calendar:
From here, select Edit Schedule:
On the next screen you will see these options and it is here where you will want to uncheck the option: Send emails even if there are no upcoming events:
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click OK. On the next screen, click OK
Repeat these steps for any other calendar(s) where you do not want blank emails being sent to a distribution list.




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