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Mobile Max Image Width Setting

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Mobile image size settings are available on some calendar views and promotion spuds that support images to make them more mobile responsive.

The settings allow a smaller max width that takes effect at when a spud is below a specified width. For instance below, the image will have a max width of 60px when the spud is less than 500px wide. When above 500px the existing max image width of 70px is used.



Newly added spuds that support mobile max image width setting will have the default values for the max width set. The default values for each view are in parenthesis below (screen width, max image width).

Calendar Views

  • List (500, 60)
  • Table (500, 60)
  • Detail List Title (500, 60)
  • Detail List Date (500, 60)
  • Photo Events (500, 60)

Promotion Spuds

  • Event Slider (300, 60)
  • Upcoming Fader (200, 60)
  • Upcoming Vertical Crawler (200, 60)
  • Photo Upcoming (200, 60)
  • Upcoming Table (200, 60)


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