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Specifying the format for event email I send

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Q: Can I specify the format for event email that I send to people?

A: Scheduled or one-time email that you send to members of your distribution list is sent in HTML format. As the sender, you can't specify the format in which the email is sent. Recipients may be able to specify to receive messages in plain text by changing the appropriate setting in their email program. For example, in Outlook, you can choose Tools > Options, on the Preferences tab click Email Options, and then under Message Handling, select the Read all standard mail as plain text check box. This changes all mail they get to plain text, though. Other email programs might be more flexible with this. The only other option I can think of is to change it to plain text after they open the message.

If anyone knows how to set up a rule in Outlook to view certain messages as plain text, please clue us in! In my version of Outlook, it appears that you'd have to set up a custom action to change the format to text, and I didn't get far enough to know how to create a custom action or whether changing the format of certain messages to plain text would even be an option.


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