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Manage multiple calendars from one account


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I wish to use your product to manage a mobile sales team. I will have 30 mobile sales people. I want to be able to add appointments to all their calendars from a central account. I do not want them to be able to see other sales people's appointments. I set up a test account and created 3 sub-calendar and I can add appts but anyone logging in to view their calendar can also see everyone else's events.

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Here are some possible solutions based on your needs:

1. You need your sales folks to just be able to view their own calendar and not make any edits.


A. Publish each individual calendar with a password. Give the sales person the URL and the password for the Trumba Hosted View. If the information is very confidential, it might be wise to tell your folks to not access from a public terminal in a cafe etc. as it's possible someone might be able to use the history information in the browser and access the calendar.

B. You could send a weekly email to each individual (and you can schedule this) with their calendar. Further, there is a way to automatically kick off a nightly update email in the event you modify their calendar.

2. You need your sales folks to both edit and view just their own calendar.

Solution: You would need to get each person their own Trumba account. There is an expense to this and we would recommend a Trumba Editor account for each user. Once they have their own account you could share just their individual calendar with them with editing rights. They would be able to edit their calendar and not see anyone else's when they sign in with their account credentials. And you would still be able to see everyone's calendar as the main publisher/account holder.

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