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Deleting multiple events


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You can select multiple events and delete them or add reminders to them. To do so,

1. Display your calendar in Trumba in List view.
2. Select the check boxes next to the events you want to delete.
3. At the top of the calendar, there's an action panel, on which you can click Delete Events or click the drop-down arrow to see the other things you can do.

Remember that when you delete an event, you're permanently removing it from every calendar where it appears, including published calendars. For more info, you can see Delete, remove, and cancel events.

If you have any issues deleting these events, here are a few more suggestions:

First of all, make sure that the calendar you want to delete events from is displayed. To do that, in the Your Calendars list, click the arrow to the right of the calendar name, and then click Go to calendar.

In the Your Calendars list, clear the check boxes to the left of all the other calendars so no calendars are mixed in to the displayed calendar.

At that point you should be seeing only events that were created on or that you added to the displayed calendar. You can delete any events that you created on the displayed calendar so that should work fine.

If you added events to the displayed calendar that are actually owned by a different calendar, you can remove those events from the displayed calendar. To get rid of the events altogether, display the calendar that owns the events and then delete the events.

For more information about removing versus deleting, see Overview: Delete, remove, or cancel events

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