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FAQs about recurring events


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How do I edit a recurring event?


You can update the duration, start time, location, or notes for a recurring event. You can also delete all events in a recurring series. To have changes affect all future events, at the bottom of the Edit Event form, for Change, select the button to update all events in the repeating pattern.


How to create common recurring event types


Here are a couple types of recurring events that seem to not be straightforward to create.


• Event that occurs on certain days of every week


To set up this type of recurring event, for example, a class or a meeting that happens three times/week, you can create an event that recurs weekly, and then select the check boxes for the days of the week on which the event occurs.




• Event that occurs every other week (every two weeks)


Click Add Event, and in the Add an Event form, select Weekly every other week, and then select the check boxes for the days and specify the end date.


• Event that occurs every x number of weeks, where x = a number you specify.


A common example for this is an event that occurs every 4 weeks instead of monthly.


In the Add an Event form, for Repeat, do this:

• Select Weekly.

• When the weekly options appear, for every, select the number you want.

• Select the day of the week.


• Event that occurs on the [1st, 2nd...] [name of day] of every month

For example, an event that occurs on the 3rd Friday of every month.


In the Add an Event form:

• Enter the date of the first occurrence of the event.

• For Repeat, select Monthly, on the 3rd Friday every Month. ("the 3rd Friday" appears as a choice if the date you enter for the event is the third Friday of that month).


Instead of occurring every month, you can also specify every other month, every 3rd, and so on.


How far into the future can a recurring event appear?


You can schedule daily and weekly events for up to two years, monthly events for up to 20 years, and annual events for up to 200 years.

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