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How to send mixed-in calendars in a one-time email


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When you want to send a one-time email, there's no way to specify what calendars to mix-in with the one you're sending.



The first time you want to specify mix-ins for calendar email, you need to go through the Email Publishing Wizard as if you want to send a regularly scheduled email.

  1. Display the appropriate calendar and click Email, and then click Set up Scheduled Email.
  2. Create your distribution list, click Next, and in step 2, under What other calendars' events should we mix-in?, select the calendars you want to mix in.
  3. Toward the top of that same page, check Send the first email as soon as I finish.
  4. Complete the wizard steps and click Finish.
  5. If you don't want to send a regularly scheduled email, open the wizard again and delete the schedule.
    The next time you use the wizard to send a one-time email, the same mix-ins you specified for the scheduled email will be included in the one-time email.
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