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Multiple Trumba accounts for a School


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At our school, we have 4 calendars that need to be published/accessible for faculty/staff and parents/students to see:

1. Faculty/Staff calendar - events specific for our school (with dates, times, locations). Only faculty and staff are able to see this calendar. Password protected. The registrar maintains this calendar.

2. Parents/Students calendar - events specific for our school (with dates, times *but* no locations). Parents and students are able to see this calendar. (If faculty/staff want to see it, they can.) We'd like this one to be password protected. The registrar maintains this calendar.

3. Principal's Office calendar - a calendar shared between the Principal and her assistant. Password protected. Only the principal and her assistant maintain this calendar.

4. Room scheduling - rooms at our school are rented out after-school hours. Faculty and staff should be able to see this calendar. Password protected. The director's assistant maintains this calendar.

Is there a way that we can maintain these 4 calendars under one account (I'd make the principal in charge of this Publisher (Master) account), with 3 additional subscribers (Editors) to this account (for $30/month each), and have each of those subscribers (the registrar, principal's assistant, and director's assistant) only be able to see those calendars that they have to maintain (not see the other ones)?

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Yes, you would start with one Publisher account at $99.95 per month. The Publisher account is where you would create the calendars, the templates and custom fields and is also the account where you publish and customize the calendars. You can then add on additional editor accounts as you need them. We can set up the 3 editor accounts for you. People editing calendars would each have his/her own Editor account at $30 per month, however you will still need at least one publisher account at $99.95 per month. 

  •  The registrar can maintain both the Faculty /Staff calendar and the Parents/Students calendars. The calendars can be password protected. Events from all calendars can be flagged to Also Shows On one or more other calendars so you do not have to create duplicate events.
  • For the Principals Office calendar, this account can be shared with an editor and it can be password protected and it can be the only calendar this editor account can access.
  • For the Room scheduling calendar, you will be able to share this calendar over with the Faculty/Staff editor account so they can view events. 

Because each of these are separate Trumba accounts, with a unique login, only the people signing in to the account see the calendar. 

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