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Password vs. iCal

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Trumba has been a great solution for our group.

I just wanted to confirm something. I have set up a password protected published calendar that approximately 30-50 people view with regularity. There has been interest expressed in subscribing to the calendar in iCal, but my understanding is that the subscription function cannot be used if the calendar is password protected. Is that correct? Is there a way around it besides downloading events (that requires frequent updating if the calendar changes)? Is there a plan to support both a password and iCal subscription in the future? If there's not, that's a feature I'd really like to see added.

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You can subscribe to a password-protected calendar from iCal, but to do so, you need to enter the Trumba sign-in name and password of the person who published the calendar. Probably not exactly what you want to do! The same applies to Sunbird and similar programs, and I think you'll run into it trying to subscribe via RSS or ATOM (which we're making available this week). The other programs ask for a log in name and password and the Trumba calendar just wants the password part.

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