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Adding calendar items


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We are ten consultants working together, but in ten different cities, within two hours driving.
We have a central administration in one of the cities.
We, one by one, organize our time in Outlook.

We want a calendar like Trumba where our customers and prospects can put in items, that is, they shall be able to "book" time with a specific consultant, without having to login.

They shall be able to see "busy time" (no details, and only selected categories from our respective Outlook calendars) and "free time", and they shall be able to put in new items.

Each of us ten only have to see his/her own calendar, but the central administration have to be able to see all ten consultant-calendars together.

When a customer puts in a new item in a specific calendar, the "owner" of the calendar, (the specific consultant) wants an email notification (or, in the best of worlds, an Outlook Calendar object, by mail).

Is it possible for us to translate the "screens" that the customers will see, into Swedish?

Is this possible using Trumba for for our needs?
If not, suggestions of "workarounds" ?

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It looks to me like Trumba might not be able to do what you're looking for. You can use sharing to give the central administration access to all of your calendars, while you only see your own. Currently when you create an event, all of its information is visible to people you share your calendar with or who see your published calendar. If you mark an event as private, nothing appears on the other end of sharing or publishing, so it looks like free time.

With Trumba, you also would not be able to translate the screens into Swedish at this time. I don't know of another product that would do this for you.

I'm sorry I can't give you better news. Thanks for looking at Trumba and good luck finding the features you need.

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