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Text Color and Website background color

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I just created a calendar (Trumba was recommended by my hosting site) and put it on the site with no problem. However, when I click on an event, I don't get to see the "When" and "where" details. My site background is black, and this font is also in black.

Can I do anything about this (i.e. change the text to white), or will I just have to forego the calendar until such time as the website is completely re-done?

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By default, the link colors for a published calendar will be blue. What you can do is select your published calendar and select Publish>Publish Settings and from here select Edit Styles and Icons. It is on this screen where you will find the published global settings and you can select the Link color and change it from black (#000000) to white (#FFFFFF). This will be a starting point. From here you can then go in to each Trumba spud you may have set up and click Edit Settings & Styles to ensure the text is set to #FFFFFF instead of #000000.


Spud Settings help topic.

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