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Address Book - Download and unselecting

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I need a way to synchronize or download my address book / distribution list so that I can keep it backed up.

Also, when sending an email, how do I quickly deselect all so that I can send an email only to a handful of addresses. With approx 300 in my list it is not viable to untick them all.

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Currently the only way to get addresses out of Trumba, for example to Excel, is to select them all, copy them, and then use the Paste Special command in Excel to paste them as text (or just paste them into a text editor). If you have 300 addresses, they might not all show in the same screen in your Trumba Address Book, so it's possible you'll have to do multiple copy/pastes to get them all.

For the email issue, it's better to create a separate, blank calendar for which you set up the smaller distribution list. Then when you set up the email, mix-in the calendar with the events. You can also create Groups within your Address Book to help you organize email addresses and manage which email addresses are in each group.


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