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Calendar view to display only 1 week

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Our client is a school that has a repetitive weekly schedule. The classes and class times do not change from week to week. So, it is not important to display the classes over a series of months. Is there a way to publish only one week of events?

Furthermore, it is not necessary for us to display the monthly date. We only need to specify the day the classes fall on (Mon, Tues, wed....)

The students of the school will know that this weekly schedule repeats itself over the course of the semester. We like using Trumba as we can:

  • use filters and mix-ins
  • it allows our client an easy interface to manage the content
  • viewers can email, set reminders, import dates into their calendars, etc.
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Trumba does have a Multi Week calendar view where you can specify the number of weeks to display, however the minimum is to show 2 weeks. We also offer the Classic Week calendar view, which may work best for you. The site visitors can then navigate forward or backward to see various weeks.

There are a variety of Promotion Spuds that you may want to use, as these can be set up to only show a Week of events as you can set the Start/End durations for many of these.

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