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Will this work?


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Trumba looks great, I've played with it a little and now I have some specific questions. We are a small church office and currenty use Outlook/Exchange for our shared calendaring. We'd like to be able to publish some calendar items to a web-based calendar and make it available from our website. We would like our published calendar to show items color-coded by event type. Today, we do that manually in Outlook.

My impression is we can do the same thing by having multiple sub-calendars in Trumba and updating each individually. If that's the case, then we could build individual calendars in Outlook and sync each with a sub-calendar in Trumba. Can the Outlook calendars be Exchange shared calendars in public folders or do they have to be personal calendars?

If I have multiple people maintaining these calendars from their Outlook desktops which and how many licenses/accounts do I need to purchase?

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Thanks for asking about Trumba! It sounds like you have a good grasp on how it works, and also like you possibly could get away with just one paid account. However, the setup might not be ideal. The Outlook calendar would have to be in a personal folder, so one Outlook user would have to set up all of the calendars you want to sync to Trumba.

On the other hand, you might consider just having the one paid account and designating multiple people to be able to sign in to Trumba when they needed to edit a calendar. You can have multiple people signing in, as long as there's only one person signed in at a time. If you each wanted a separate Trumba account, you'd unfortunately have to get paid accounts for each of you, to get the "sharing with edit permission" features.


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