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Event Description cannot exceed 10,000 characters


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Q: On the Mac, when I paste a text block that's nowhere near 10,000 characters from BBEdit into the Description section of the Trumba Event form, I get an error that says that Description can't exceed 10,000 characters.

A: In this case, the person was using text that was copied into BBEdit from Word. By default, when you do this, although the text looks like plain text in BBEdit, it doesn't seem to be. To resolve the error, select the text, then go to the Text menu and choose Convert to ASCII. Now copy and paste the text into Trumba.

Incidentally, I also tried pasting the text block this person sent directly from Word into Trumba (still on the Mac). I got the error at first, but then I looked for special characters in the text. In this text block, the character that was causing the error was an apostrophe -- because it was a "smart" apostrophe. To resolve the error in the Trumba Event form, I deleted and retyped that apostrophe.

I did a few more experiments, and even if I enter the characters directly into the Trumba Event form from the Character Palette, I get the error. So it seems that at the moment, if you're on a Mac and using a US English keyboard, and you want to use extended characters that don't appear on the keyboard, you need to code them as HTML. For example, • for a bullet (•).

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I'd like to add that I encountered the same issue on a Mac pasting text from an email that was encoded as HTML. Even after copy/pasting the text into TextEdit (a Mac text editor) and resaving it before pasting back into the calendar, I still had the same error.

I found that the problem was two apostrophes in the message. After retyping them directly in the calendar the message was accepted.

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