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Printing Calendars


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I am trying to get my company itnerested in Trumba. Only thing is my boss really likes calendars printed in a list. Will Trumba do that? It seems pretty easy.

Also, If we have a Trumba account and 15 users, do we all have to have a 9.99 account, if that is the option we decide to go with?

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You're right it's easy to print a calendar in a list. You can print in whatever format you view or publish it. In the account, just choose the view and then click Print.

Also, even if you publish it in the Month template, people viewing the calendar can still change the view to Classic Table or List format if they want to print it that way (if you embed a published calendar into your web site, you'll have to also embed the Template Chooser spud to do this...).

If you have 15 users who all wanted to edit the calendar at the same time, you could purchase Editor accounts ($30 per month per user). However, if you don't mind all signing in to the same account (with the same email address), and as long as only one person is signed in at a time, you could use just one account as long as they are not signed in at the same time, as per the Trumba Terms of Use.

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