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Repeating Event Invite?

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We have a lot of recurring meetings, that I want to set up once a year. I am scheduling a repeating event, (ie a monthly meeting) and I want to use the Attendees tab to invite and track responses on who will be attending.

I want to set this up one time and have the invite go out 1 week before the meeting, I want this to occur every time there is a monthly meeting.

I'd like to also have the option to send a reminder as well. Currently the reminder would only be sent to the admin. I realize you can do some of this via individual calendars but I need to do this via individual event.


Awesome product!

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When you set up event registration or send out a registration invitation for a recurring event, the people you invite receive one invitation for the entire series at the time you create the invitation to register for an event. They can choose to respond to all events in the series in the same way or to each event individually (ie, accept some, decline others). This is pretty much how Outlook works for invitations to recurring events.

To send an invitation before each event in the series, you can edit the Registration Reminder settings so that a first and second reminder are sent out before each ocurence.

You can't set up reminders to be sent to other people. However, you can send out one-time or scheduled calendar email messages that contain lists of upcoming events. You could set up a weekly scheduled email message from the calendar that contains the recurring event and add the meeting attendees to the distribution list. If you don't want the meeting attendees to have to see any other events that might appear on your calendar, you could create a separate calendar and also show the recurring event on that calendar. Then you could set up the scheduled email for that calendar.

You can find more information about scheduled calendar email messages here: Send calendars by email.



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