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Multi-day events

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Here's something that would come in handy...


The ability to post multi-day events that allow you to specify the hours for each day the event will be taking place. For example, there's a 3 day event from August 1st to August 3rd at 12pm to 2pm on each of those days. Currently, this gets displayed as August 1st 12pm to August 3rd 2pm. We know what that means, but the users might not realize that the event takes place for 2 hours on each of those days. Am I wrong here?


For even greater flexibilty, to be able to specify different times for each of those dates, such as August 1st 12pm to 2pm, August 2nd 1pm to 3pm, and August 3rd 11am to 1pm. Still the same event, just being held at different times on each of the days of the event.


And what about a multi-day event that takes place over a couple of weeks, but in non-consecutive days? Any thoughts on this?


It would be ideal to set these up as multi-day events as opposed to separate events, we are trying to avoid multiple Sign Up buttons for an event that lasts more than one day.



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Although there's not a way to do exactly what Andrea is asking for, you can do some of it by setting up an event that's recurring rather than multi-day. This would work for events that occur at the same time of day on different days.

In the first example that Andrea mentions, you would create an event that starts on Aug. 1, goes from 12-2, repeats daily, and ends on Aug. 3. If you had events with different start and end times, you could create the event, and then edit the times in the individual instances that needed editing. (Not ideal, I know, but maybe easier than creating each event separately.)

For the second example, you would create an event that repeats weekly, every week, and then select the days of the week on which it occurs.


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